MacBook Pro vs MacBook Pro retina

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    It all depends on your needs. I find the retina screen to be easier on the eyes. Also, the retina models usually have the solid state drives which is a plus!

    • Answered by Marshall M from Aberdeen
    • Jul 14, 2014
  • When it comes to the MBP vs. MBP Retina the only question you need to ask yourself is; will you extensively use the optical drive? Because thats the only tangible reason to get a classic MBP at this point. The Retina models are thinner, lighter, have more powerful processors, faster drives, better battery life, better graphics, much better displays. The classic MBP hasn't been updated in over two years and will probably be removed from the product line soon.

    • Answered by Miles K from Missoula
    • Jul 14, 2014