MacBook Pro vs. Mac Mini: Which to buy?

I am a photographer and videographer and am looking to upgrade my '08 macbook pro 15 inch. I use photoshop, finalcut, lightroom heavily and need something that can actually keep up. Initially I was going to fork over the money for a new macbook pro 15 inch i7 with upgraded ram. However, the mac mini is appealing due to the price point and I already have a display, keyboard, and mouse that I would use with it. Just wanted to hear thoughts on both and see which might be better to get in the longterm.

3 Answers from the Community

  • I've actually had both the new retina pro and latest mini. They are very similar in performance. Lightroom doesn't use the gpu so they are essentially the same. Photoshop makes some use of the gpu so the pro would help a little. I really like the mini though because the ram and drives are completely upgradeable. Final cut might be the one place the better gpu in the pro would do you some good. But it's still not that powerful.

    • Answered by Ryan S from Myrtle Beach
    • Dec 27, 2013
  • The MacBook Pro has better graphics and is primarily used for uses such as yours. The Mac mini is used for mostly basic uses and is for those who would like an inexpensive desktop for their monitor and keyboard. I think that you should get the MacBook Pro as it is not only higher in graphics but has better performance in general. I do agree, the Mac mini is appealing for its price.

    • Answered by Ashlen M from Los Angeles
    • Mar 31, 2013
  • Get the mbp if you are going to use it outside of home but get the mac mini if you are going to use it at home only.

    • Answered by Abhinav S from Austin
    • Nov 25, 2012