Magic Mouse, or Magic Trackpad for Mac Mini?

I just got a Mac Mini, after leaving the Apple Store, I realized I needed a keyboard and a mouse, I got the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, but I cant't decide to get a Magic Mouse, or Magic Trackpad, or should I get both?

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    Go for the mouse i think. It actually has a lot of trackpad features, such as tap to click, and scrolling by swiping, as well as multi-touch gestures. So the mouse has both mouse and trackpad features whereas the trackpad only has trackpad features.

    But ultimately, it's up to you. If you really can't decide then head in to an apple store and try them both out! The trackpad IS nice to be fair... very spacious, attractive design... But in regards to functionality the mouse is probably better.

    • Answered by Kieran R
    • Jul 27, 2012