Making the what?

Friends...I currently own a MBP 13" and iPad 2. I transport both to work each and every day (I'm a teacher) and keep my MBP on my desk, while using my iPad when necessary around my room etc. I have thought about leaving the MBP at home, with an external monitor and purchase a MB Air to transport back and forth. There are things I do that require extreme portability and thus I was thinking the iPad Mini for those times. Am I completely thinking of this wrong? Most people I talk to look at me as if I'm completely stupid. In my mind it makes sense. What would you do? I do travel and use my MBP when I travel more than my iPad, but like I said, there are times I do need an iPad. A friend of mine though, has completely ditched their MBP and their iPad and has gone full MBAir. Thoughts?

Thank you in advance!

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