MBP 13" with retina or MBA 13" upgraded to 1,7Ghz i7 and 8 GB of ram

I`m a college student and I have a MBP 15 with retina cuz i sometimes do play some games like Dota 2, Lol or WoW. But it seems to be a little hard to carry around to the school and so on. So I want to sell mine and go for a 13" one. Furthermore don`t know which one should i go because the MBA seems to have a Intel HD 5000 which they say is better than the MBP 13" with retina Intel HD 4000, to play my games.

Usually will be used to :
-Do school stuff, such as writing pdf, word, excel etc...
-Watch movies
-Suffer in the internet ( quite a lot of tabs )
-Playing games, such as Dota 2, Lol or WoW
-Be carried often

So considering to this which one should i choose, please help me with your experience and opinions. Thanks

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  • I personally have a MBP 13" Retina i5 2.4GHz 2014 4gb of ram and love it! I do light video editing and watch movies often and have word installed on it I don't play many games but, I'm sure that you could play the games. The MBP 13" non retina is quite heavier = less portability. On the Retina the screen is amazing and much nicer and newer. If you do buy the Retina based on this i would recommend getting 8GB as you cannot upgrade it and it will be worth it if you have the money. Also the non-retina has not been updated in a while and is not as thin as the Retina. Mac is not the best for games but as long as they are compatible it would be fine as the MBP Retina is very powerful and i7 is actually not completely necessary for video games. I also use chrome to surf the web with many tabs and have no problems. The retina is super-portable as I do travel often. Also if you would like to there is a built in HDMI port on the Retina so if you would like to watch on an external display you have the option without and adapters vs the non-retina needing an adapter, although the retina display is great for watching movies, I do almost everyday. The MBP Retina is a all around great computer for almost anything and would recommend it to almost anyone.
    Hope this helps!
    Jack F.

    • Answered by Jack F from Choctaw
    • Apr 20, 2015