Mechanical Engineering student: Which MBP with retina is best?

I'm going to be starting college as a Mechanical Engineering major in a few weeks and I've saved up enough to get my first Macbook Pro! My college of engineering suggests that my laptop have an i5 or i7 Intel Core processor, 8Gb of RAM, and 256 SSD. I'm not exactly sure what engineering software i'll be using yet, but I know that I use the Macbook for basic school work (writing papers, research, presentations, etc.), surfing the web, using iTunes, watching Netflix and YouTube, and the occasional Skyrim :). I'm also a drummer at heart, and I feel that recording and editing music will be in my near future. I have enough money to get up to the base model of the 15 inch MBP with retina display, but that is RRRREEEAAAALLY cutting it close and I would like to have some extra money left over for the CD drive and Thunderbolt to Ethernet connector.

Thank you!!!

  • Asked by fn from Maumee

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    Okay so if your school says an i5 is fine then I would say buy based on budget and design. The 15" recently got a refresh so it now comes with 16 GB RAM standard for the same price, so that's a bonus. I plan on getting the 13" for myself because I think a the 15" is too big. If you want to get the 15" because you like the size then I would say go for it, but I would recommend the 13" and then you could save money and get a music editing software. I don't know how quickly you need to get your computer, but it could be beneficial to know what software you would need to run. (Example: When running Auto-cad 16 GB ram would be better.)

    Hope this helps!

    • Answered by Brett D from Naperville
    • Aug 7, 2014
  • Well if you want to save some money (who could really blame you?) You can always go to the bottom of the page and go onto "workshops and learning and see if it is something you could be interested in/qualified for. Also if you wanted to upgrade from that model, if you currently have a job you can pay less then 19.99% per month and slowly pay off your computer.

    Another key aspect is if you'd be willing to carry around a 2.2kg (15" retina display), or 1.57kg (13" retina display) computer with you everyday. So I looked and the price for a 15" w/ retina display is about $2,217.00 that is INCLUDING a CD drive ($89) and a thunderbolt to Ethernet connector ($29)

    I hope that I helped! Good luck! :)

    • Answered by Juliana L from Cold Lake
    • Aug 7, 2014