My daughter is heading off to college in the fall. She is debating whether to get both an iMac for her room AND an iPad or just a MacBook Pro.

The reason she like the large screen and power for use in her room and would use the iPad for portability (taking notes in class, email, quick internet access, etc) and especially how little it weighs (even when compared to the MacBook Air). The MacBook Pro offers portability and a variety of other options. What do you think?

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    I am a graduate student and a teaching assistant, I would guess she'd be happier with the portability of the MacBook. She won't be limited to doing her homework in her room, which can help productivity if she is disciplined. A lot of her homework will probably be doable in a multitasking setting like at the library, at a coffee shop, in the student lounge etc. Also, the laptop will enable her to work on group projects easier...and it won't give her an excuse not to come home every now and then ;).

    I have an iMac which is fine for me since school is my 9-5 job, but I'm about to get a MacBook Air simply because I don't like being stuck at my desk when I need to get school work done.

    One thing to mention; laptops and iPads for taking notes in class can be a distraction unless your daughter is VERY disciplined. The majority of students just end up playing games and checking facebook instead of listening to the instructor. As a teaching assistant I see this a lot.

    • Answered by Tiffany L from Lubbock
    • Jun 14, 2013
  • This isn't the cheapest solution, but I plan on getting an 11" Mac Book Air for portability and a Thunderbolt display for the "desktop experience" at home.

    • Answered by Michael L from Plant City
    • Jun 5, 2013