My daughter says she needs word for our new mac computer. It has pages already uploaded. Is this all she needs?

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  • I got pages for my iPad, and then for my Mac only because I was a PC user with Microsoft Word for many years and needed something that would be made for Mac, but also compatible with Word. While pages was okay, with a lot of new and interesting features, I must say that intolerably lacking in features that most students would need. As a result, I got the Microsoft Office for Mac (2011 version with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; I'd personally stay away from the 2013 version) and found this to me a much better choice for either schoolwork, or other general Word applicable use's..

    • Answered by James V from Bethel
    • Dec 13, 2013
  • My daughter used my Macbook Pro for most of her class projects until I got her a nice little Sony VAIO touchscreen - yep we use both formats.
    As a previous answerer said, I would recommend investing in the 2011 MS Office for Mac suite - with Powerpoint, Excel, Word, etc. Knowing this software will be helpful in school and the office arena, as most offices still use - yep, MS Office. Having both the Mac and MS skillsets can only help her in the future - but who knows where this will all be in the future?

    Bottom line - invest in MS Office Suite for Mac - look for student discounts - may be less than $100 someplaces
    It runs well on the Mac and files are compatible with PC based Office.

    • Answered by Mohamed S from Bowie
    • Dec 26, 2013
  • Pages is entirely sufficient. If you need to send a Word document, you can do File>Export>Word.
    Although, for the time being, the new version is lacking most features (Because Apple completely rebuilt the program instead of just a regular update), but I still have the "old" version and I love it.

    • Answered by Patrick S from Mineville
    • Dec 15, 2013