My daughter wants to write and compose her own music. Is a Mac mini a good choice? What is my best choice of the macs for this purpose?

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  • It really depends on if you want it for in a studio, at home, or as a portable mac.
    It also depends on what type of music or video editing software you would like to use to create your projects. If you get Logic Express, I would suggest 4Gb for RAM, and at least a 500Gb hard drive Mac Mini with a dual core processor (It is better to get a Quad core processor for future needs and upgrading, it is faster and the RAM makes it even faster to load stuff).

    If I was to get a mac for this application for right now a 2.3GHz Mac Mini would be fine with 4Gb and if you want to upgrade in the future, I would get a 2.5GHz mac mini with 8Gb Ram and at least a 500Gb Hard Drive.
    If she is looking at music or video editing in the future a Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, or the iMac are great choices. It really depends on what your doing on it, where you want to use it, and how often you would use it.

    I strongly suggest to do your research and buy a Mac to your needs and preferences. I hope that this helps:)

    • Answered by Matthew S from Prince George
    • Sep 7, 2011