My iMac is running OSX version 10.5.8. I'd like to upgrade to snow leopard.Is this the way to gi?

I've been unable to update my ipad and Iphone,due to the OSX version I'm running.

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    Yes, this is a good upgrade that will install easily from Apple's Snow Leopard install disk. Last one I did was very easy because it automatically moved over all the files and software from 10.5.8. There are a few things to watch out for: AppleTalk is not supported, so AppleTalk printers and other devices won't work (though there's some articles out there to help discover IF some printers can be made to work). Other software you've been using may not work properly with Snow Leopard, so expect to make some updates. And the new version of Flash will have to be downloaded and installed if you use it. This whole process takes hours, so make sure you're ready and if using a laptop set Energy Saver to always on and power is plugged in. I suggest turning off all file sharing and any network services which could cause an interruption from other devices on your LAN. Never attempt to do anything whatsoever while the new OS is being installed!! You will need a WAN connection to perform the many updates for Snow Leopard from Apple.

    Lastly and very important, to prep Leopard and your HD for such an upgrade, always first use Disk First Aid to make any needed repairs to HD organization. Also all permissions should be checked and fixed too. I like to use Disk Warrior's capabilities to do some of this. And make sure there's plenty of free space on the HD, or installation will fail.

    • Answered by Don B from Poetland
    • Feb 28, 2015