Need help choosing! Should buy the 15" retina MacBook Pro with dedicated graphics or will I cope with the one without it?

I will be using the laptop for heavy online web surfing, writing word documents, making large Powerpoint/ Keynote presentations, video editing ect. I might play some games once in a while as well (nothing too intense). I know the £2200 rMBP with dedicated graphics is obviously the better option, but i cannot stretch my budget above £2000 yet and I need this computer as soon as possible. Are Intel's Iris Pro integrated Graphics enough for me? Also, does anyone know if the 17" MBP's will return?

1 Answer from the Community

  • I've got the 13" Retina display MacBook Pro and I find it wonderful. I am not a heavy user though.

    • Answered by John U from Ann Arbor
    • Jan 21, 2014