On OS X can you configure separate personal accounts for each person, as on Windows?

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  • Hi James. Yes, you can.
    Go to the apple icon top left of your screen. Click, then go to System Preferences and click. In the preview area, find and click on Users and Groups. When the next dialog box appears, click the little icon ooking like a lock. Another bx appears, which you must enter your apple ID, and your mac password. After you enter that, the earlier box with user names appears. Click the "+" sign or symbol at bottom of box. You now may enter the name of your new user, and fill in the blanks it provides. Complete that, and follow the wizard -you should now have a new user account, which you can make for someone as a regular or guest user, or as an admin user.
    I hope this helps you. Good luck and be well!

    • Answered by Richard M from Columbia
    • Dec 6, 2014