Seeking help from Mac using EAs, CPAs, & Tax Attys. I need to find high quality, software program that can run on Mac.,

Not Turbo Tax, Tax Cut or any of the other commercial software that is incapable of finding a deduction. Conversely, not Lacert or any other 3.5K software. I am an Enrolled Agent,(highest level of certification granted by IRS) ., I prepare income tax returns for individuals, businesses, estates, trusts, non-profits etc. I am also a financial planner of me. If there are any other pro tax preparers that read this, can you recommend software that runs on Macs? My longtime software, Drake, makes no version for Mac, I was told that ProSeries did not. I"m hoping that someone makes a quality, inexpensive product. I suppose the alternative would be to download Parallels onto a 1TB hard drive formatted properly, (would that be NFTS). If anyone could please advisee. I don't even know if Macs can use the same keyboards, usb hubs, mouse (so I do not type with multiple misspellings and random caps). If so, are the concerns the same when buying peripherals for PC, i.e. one must choose between SATA and IDE? Or did a benevolent deity decide to make all peripherl devices work on both Windows OS & whatever OS I'm currently using.It would be a big help if I could determine whether terms like SATA/IDE are relevant to OS 10

I might be missing the point of owning a Mac by asking how to set it up like a PC, i.e., plenty of USB ports (though I know this Air is set w/ bluetooth already on). Once one buys an Air, should one just purchase ALL BT items. My BT luck hasn't been great. Anyway, unless someone says, you ain't gettin wit dis apple program, I'm going to need the following:
usb hub
optical drive
and probably a few moire that I haven't thought of because it's almost 4:30 AM, I tried emILING APPLE SUPPORT and it took 3 hours to get to an email address. Just like MSFT.

Anyway, any suggestions, (very tactful) admonishments, constructive criticism, and most of all help would be greatly appreciate

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