Should I buy one 27 Inch iMac or an 15 Inch MacbookPro? I realy want a powerfull computer.

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    The iMac is probably the best, especially if you upgrade the processor(up to 3.9GHz), ram (up to 32gb), and the storage to either fusion or FLASH. The Pro (Non-retina) is pretty much obsolete compared to their other products. Later this year however, they will be releasing the new mac pro, which will be their most powerful computer yet. If you want a laptop though, the Macbook pro with retina display 15 in with an upgraded processor would also be very good. But do keep in mind, most Macs are more powerful than they seem. My 2013 Macbook air 13 in (128 Gb, 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 processor, and 8GB b RAM is capable of running FCPX, and Logic X with almost no performance issues. If you do get a computer, make sure to have Fusion or FLASH though, it really speeds up your Mac.

    • Answered by Mark B from Golden
    • Jul 18, 2013