Should I get a macbook pro 13'' or a mcbook air 13''? I need one for music production

I'm going to be a producer, and I wanna know which is the best choice for a lap top.

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    Get the macbook air 13"
    The SSD is much faster. It might be small but you can always get an external hardrive to put you big files on.
    The new processor will give you better battery life.It also has a better processer which will help make editing faster.
    The air is also a lot more portable.

    The air does not have a cd drive you probably already knew that but if you wanted to burn cds or something like that you would need to get an external CD drive.

    The air right now with the latest update is much better the the pro. I think the air would be good for you as long as you dont need a lot of space and you dont need a CD drive.

    • Answered by Adrian M from San Ramon
    • Aug 4, 2013
  • I would say the MacAir for sure, in its' current state it outperforms all but the ~$2500-3000 Macbook Pro, plus the battery is better, the RAM if upgraded to 8GB is more than enough, SSD is far superior to the HDD, and the integrated HD5000 graphics are WORLDS better than an HD4000, plus the HD5000 runs most games at a decent resolution so if you like that, it's an added bonus and you're saving ~$500-1200.

    • Answered by Brad A from Lancaster
    • Aug 7, 2013
  • As a music producer myself... I use a 15'' MacBook Pro. Either way you go, you will probably need a usb hub of some kind... I personally go for the MacBook pro because of it added "amenities" like more HD space, more RAM, and many other upgradeable features. The MacBook Air on the other hand is possibly more versatile and easier to carry around or commute day-to-day. Hope this helped!

    • Answered by Ben P from Oklahoma City
    • Aug 5, 2013