Should I get a Retina 13" or an Upgraded 13" Pro?

I'm contemplating between buying the Upgraded 13" Pro, for $1,399, which actually dropped in price to $1,299, or the base 13" Pro with Retina Display for $1,399. I am an Advertising major, but am not heavy on design. I would be looking into doing some photo editing. The only thing that bothers me on the Retina is 1) I would be giving up loads of space since I can only really afford the 128GB SSD and 2) I would have an i5, and not an i7, which I would have with the Upgraded 13" Pro. Is it gaining the SSD worth losing the i7 and all the hard drive space?

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    This is a really close match. To be honest I would go with the retina model for a few reasons. SSD being the main reason. SSD read and write speeds are significantly faster than spinning disk. Once you go with a device that runs on flash you will never go back. Not only that, but its thinner and lighter. Which you will really notice when taking to and from school. The images on the display will really pop out when editing images. If you're worried about processor speed and don't mind not having a retina display go with the new Macbook Airs. I know this wasn't in your list of options but given what you're looking for and your budget this would be your best bet. The new Airs have the newer generation of processors that intel just released. Their faster, use less power, and the integrated graphics are on the same level as some dedicated graphics cards. Also the resolution on the Air is higher than the pro but less than the retina, so it falls in a happy medium. It cost $100 to bump the ram to 8gig which would put your total at 1399. Which comes with a newer cpu, 256gb SSD, 8gb ram, and the new WIFI AC standard. This is just my suggestion, but if given the two options I would just get the retina. Also buying small portable externals is cheap and easy to do now and days, and worth doing to trade off with a smaller hard drive thats running on flash.

    • Answered by Bernard E from Houston
    • Jun 13, 2013