Should I get the Macbook Air or Pro?

I am starting college this fall and am looking into getting my first macbook for college! I really want to use it for video editing, as well as school assignments and internet browsing...maybe some music (garageband).
I am on a limited budget.
I would like a laptop that I can take with me easily and has a lot of storage.
From what I can see, the Pro having a CD drive is a big plus, but I'm worried it will be too heavy/bulky.
The Air seems like it would be much easier to carry around, but would it be okay for video editing?
Which would be faster/have most storage, for the best price?
What do you think?

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    For your needs I would definitely recommend the 13inch MacBook Pro, it has loads of power without the weight or size of the 15 inch. It will work great for video editing, plus you can upgrade it right on the apple store to have up too a 512gb solid state drive (extremely pricey however) or 1 terabyte ( around 1000 gbs, regular hard drive. the MacBook Air is a good computer but it does not have much capability, not nearly as much power as the MacBook Pro. Another great things out the MacBook Pro is that you can upgrade it yourself or have upgrades done to it by professionals down the road when the new technology comes out.
    And you don't need the retina display unless you have two thousand bucks to blow on you computer. The standard MacBook Air does have faster storage but very little space. I think you would be happy with the 500gb or 750gb regular hard drive. The MacBook Air could video edit but it would not be nearly as smooth as with the MacBook Pro. That's my opinion. MacBook Air= Lightweight, semi-powerful, small, small storage space
    MacBook Pro= a little heavy, extremely powerfull, tons of storage space.

    • Answered by Stuart F from Nantucket
    • Jul 11, 2013