Should I purchase the MacBook Air, and if so, which kind? See below for a description of my usage.

In 2009, I purchased a MacBook Pro. It has been great, but in the last year, I have noticed it slowing down considerably. I do not have many photos on it, nor do I do any kind of photo/video editing. I do, however, save lots of documents for school/non-profits I volunteer for.

I am looking at the MacBook Air because I want something very fast, and I've heard that it is a great option for that. Can anyone give me an idea for what I should do?

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  • I was very hesitant like you were regarding a MacBook Air, I bought one the Apple refurb store and it's really quick. I got the 11 in. 4GB RAM/ 128GB Flash Hard Drive model, it's really quick. Sure it's not the same as the new MacBook Pro's w Retina Displays but it's a great lightweight computer that I've brought to my job every day and it works wonders. The only thing I dislike is that the 5 hours of battery life. The newer ones supposedly will get 9 hours for the smaller 11 inch screen, and 12 hours for the 13 inch screen.

    My opinion on the screen size was much like the opinion of an Apple employee in my local Apple Store. The 11 inch screen is the best for the air. If you are really into the 13 inch screen buy a pro. The air is awesome as an 11 inch screen. It's lightweight and does whatever you need it to do! I'll be planning on upgrading it to OSX Mavericks when it comes out!

    • Answered by Robert B from Livingston
    • Jun 27, 2013