Should I update the processor and RAM on new MacBook Air?

Going into college for nursing! Do I need to update the processor or the RAM? I don't know if I need it for just browsing the web, projects, storing pics, movies, music I do plan on having it for a long time so will I need the i7 & 8RAM for the future?

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    For your needs, you should be fine with the i5. You won't see any speed boost if you get the i7, unless you do rather CPU-intensive operations (your listed activities are not really CPU-intensive).

    However, RAM is probably more important than the CPU, because the difference between the standard 4GB and 8GB could be night and day for some. If you plan on keeping this computer for more than 2 years or 3 years, I would go for the 8GB if your budget allows. 8GB will provide you a rather significant performance boost over the 4GB.

    • Answered by David W from Cupertino
    • Jul 17, 2013