Small office. We have eMac w/Tiger (2003) and MacBook Pro and MacBook Air (both leopard). Can eMac join network btw 3 and/or Mac mini or just toss it

We are setting up a small law office and are switching from Windows equipment to Apple. I have an old eMac from Dec 2003 and wanted to know if it can still be used as part of our developing Apple network. We are going to sync the 2 apples and iphones etc now via MobileMe. Our next purchase will be a Mac Mini w/ server software and another laptop. I Just wanted to know if the eMac has any use as part of the Network now (2 Macbooks & iPhones) or in future (Mac mini server). Thanks for any help from the genuises. I am "stupid" when comes to computers, but at least I reversed a 17 year old mistake of switching to Windows 95!

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    When syncing, it's best to keep current on all versions of the operating system. Syncing is a tricky science, and syncing between different versions of MacOS *could* lead to duplicated or lost data issues. I'd actually suggest using the eMac as a file server and the more current systems as end-user machines. I upgrade my end-user machines when they can't run the latest OS any more (I'm on my new MacBook Air since my 2004 MacBook Pro can't run Lion). Old systems make great file servers - just plug in a big disk drive and turn on file sharing.

    • Answered by Grant G from Studio City
    • Aug 23, 2011