Soon to be in college for graphic design. I am interested in the 15in mac book pro. Should I get the 500gb or 750gb?

I use a lot of photoshop and illustrator cs5 on my own time and will be using during school as well. I also plan on getting the adobe suite cs5 and the bamboo create. I have a pc now, but it just does not work for my designing needs. photoshop and illustrator always crash :P I need something that can hold all the adobe suite cs5 programs and if I get more programs

Thanks :)

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    The Solution:

    What you will probably need is the 750GB hard drive. Not only because it's larger but also because of the MacBook Pro standard configurations. This is because you will need a good graphics card along with significant hard drive space to run the applications properly. Considering this you have several options.

    The Best Option:

    Would be to purchase a 15-inch 2.4GHz MacBook Pro and upgrade the RAM memory to 8GB. It is also the most expensive option at $2399. However, the increase prepossessing power, graphics card and RAM memory will prevent big visual design apps from crashing. The hard drive is less of a issue with this type of programs because it has little effect on the speed of your computer. However since you will need a more possessing power it makes sense that you buy the high end 15-inch model.

    The Balanced Option:

    Same has before but without the increased RAM memory. The applications will run slower has you place more of them but if in a year or two you believe you need more apple makes it easy to upgrade. Also it will be important for you to have a large Hard Drive if you mix your video editing needs with entertainment. Therefore it is best to have the larger hard drive to store both your personal entrainment media, and the visual design software and files. Again the increased possessing power and graphics card is what will guarantee that the graphic design applications run.

    The Simplest Option:

    You could also purchase the 500GB hard drive 2.2GHz MacBook Pro while its cheaper the components are only slightly less powerful than the previously mentioned model. The hard drive is smaller but if you only use the computer for design it will be sufficient. However the lower graphics card can be less helpful when using the applications.

    • Answered by Ignacio R from West Orange
    • Mar 13, 2012