Suggestions for good financial apps for Mac?

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    That all depends on the type of financial apps you wish to run. If you just need the basics, look at MS Office for Excel, or Apple's own offerings - Number's.

    If your thinking more in terms of an accounting application, I have used Acclivity's Account Edge for 6 years, and have had no issues with it. I run a small manufacturing company, and love the built in BOM (bill of materials), which they call "auto build". This debits inventory in 1 keystroke, of all sub-components required to build a finished product. Some of mine have over 12+ components, and this is quite a timesaver. Account Edge also processes CC, and you can integrate their web-store (Enstore) right into Account Edge, and it's PCI compliant! Quickbooks did not have the BOM feature until a few years ago, and then it was a separate $600 add on. This year I have upgraded to the Network version of AE. An iMAC server with 16GB of memory and a 4 TB Pegasus RAID5 storage system, and built my own POS system, using a AE extra workstation client, a MacMini for the client - which updates the server, a Symbol 2208 bar code scanner, and a STAR TSP700II receipt printer, wired to a cash drawer. I also run Cat 6a gigabit ethernet to all devices - more difficult to intercept than WiFi.

    I am sure you will get other good suggestions as well.


    • Answered by Kelly S from Tucson
    • Oct 28, 2012