Traveling with a Mac Mini - what will I need to hook up a mini Mac to an Rv tv?

I want to be able to hook up my RV tv so that I can stream movies while on the road. What equipment will I need to do this?

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  • This will depend on what available connections you have on your TV. Also depending on the age of your Mac mini you may have different outputs. Usually the Mac mini has an HDMI output so this dictates that the TV you will be using should have a hdmi port. If it does not there are adapters that will connect or convert HDMI signals which are digital into analog. These are the usual red, white and yellow RCA plugs which in most older TV's would be indentified as video input. The cable is a RCA audio video cable, hope this helps.

    • Answered by Mariano Y from Chester Springs
    • Oct 28, 2014