Trying to figure out a MacBook model for purchase...


So I have been inquiring into a new laptop lately... (my current is a 2011 ASUS G73), which is too clunky to lug around, and instead, I am now looking to switch to mobility. I originally bought the aforementioned laptop for gaming purposes (obviously), as it is a gaming laptop.

Now, however, I am more involved in writing. I am an aspiring novelist and general freelance writer and I need a quick laptop with mobility and battery life. My overall needs:

- Overall speed.
- SDD/Flash (as I will be writing on the go and need reliable defence from lost information)
- Compact mobility.
- Strong wifi-pickup capability.
- Easy-to-type.
- Laptop longevity.

I am quite aware that MacBooks are expensive. By my studying into current 'ultrabooks', MacBook is ranked #1 this year in most categories. That being said, I think it is most beneficial to delve into Apple's renown reliability, and buy my first MacBook.


- Writing
- Surfing web
- Music
- Videos
- Gaming (light).
^- from here, I would even be interest in WoW, at most, if I ever return back to it.

Gaming will be light, most certainly, however, as my primary use will be writing on the go.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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