what antivirus program should I run?

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  • I have just spent 3 months researching this subject and I am not close to being an expert. Apple does have a built in AV /MALWARE engines and Apple are pretty good at patching application vulnerabilities which protect the OSX Kernel very well. Most AV engines are pretty hard to keep updated ...there are 250,000 new malwares launched by hackers each week!!. Although 98% of these are aimed at Windows versions variants there are a few nasties that are starting to appear on the Apple platform. My belt and braces approach is to supplement the Apple prevention software with regular AV scanning from a technically solid product. FSecure, Kapersky, MacKeeper and Bitdefender (the last one being free on App Store) are regularly and speedily updated with malware signatures (the database that checks the new viruses). New Malware are really well coded so a few lines of code can get through to your system. So my approach is to have two AVs (Apples own and another for a deep scan daily before shutdown) - just to be on the safe side. (And never buy an Android phone if you are really concerned about malware)...just saying. If you do a lot of web surfing get a Real Time web protection service ...I use the Bitdefender on one machine and MacKeeper on another (I have 6 macs, 2 x iPods, an iPad Mini, two iPhones and two PC in the house) . The other piece of software I would recommend is the loading the ADBlock Safari extension (See Apple - Safari- Safari Extension Gallery)... In Safari you don't need Adobe Reader or PDF makers ... they are full of malware nowadays...Photoshop is OK) so don't download these extensions. Turn off your cookies in Safari and only turn on if you are doing web banking. Other things I would recommend is disable the Apple Guest account as I had a colleague able to remotely view my screen.,Hope that helps. Paul
    Oh By the way ...do encrypt your drive System Preferences-Security and Privacy- FileVault.

    • Answered by Paul B from Vancouver
    • Aug 24, 2014