what can i use to move my big itunes library onto a drive of some sort

lots of songs from soundcloud and other music download sites and its too much memory being taken up and my non itunes downloaded materiel dosent appear within the cloud

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  • I have so much compiled data myself that I've maxed out my internal 500gb hard drive many times over, and in addition am nearing the limit on both an external 500gb g drive and another 1 tb (1000 gb) g drive. So the answer to your question is to move the itunes library onto an external hard drive, which can be done with any old usb cable, but preferably you should use a usb 3.0 or thunderbolt cable external hard drive if you want to transfer the data as fast as possible.

    Depending on how big your itunes library is, you may not need to buy a somewhat pricey 500gb or 1000gb external hd, but may be able to get away with a relatively inexpensive thumb drive (best described as a little usb stick)...if your macbook has the most common size storage space of around 128 to 256 gb, you should be able to get away with using anywhere from a 8 gb all the way up to a 128 gb thumb drive. Again, it all depends on the actual size of your itunes library, and not the size of all the other software taking up storage.

    Taken literally, your question seems to ask what cable is used, not what drive to use, so to be thorough, I'll answer that as well...almost always, a usb to usb, usb to micro usb, usb 3.0, or thunderbolt cable is used to connect whatever drive you intend to save the data onto with the corresponding port on your computer.

    • Answered by Lauren R from Kentfield
    • Jul 10, 2015