What is better Mac air or pro (aminging to major in film production)

I am going to college in the fall and wondering which laptop would be better for me based on my major. I'm also wondering if the pro is easily portable or if it would be a hassle to carry to class.

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    Definitely the Pro. That's what I bought when I was thinking of going into film production -- you'll need the extra power, storage, and ports to get the job done as efficiently as possible. And I've had no problems carrying the Pro around in a backpack.

    • Answered by Greg W from Kanata
    • Jul 20, 2013
  • My MacBook Air 13in. (upgraded 8Gb RAM) runs FCPX with no performance issues, (although you may want to also upgrade the processor.) The n non-retina MacBook pro really isn't the best computer anymore). The Macbook Pro with retina display would really only be worth it if your got the 15in version for a faster quad-core processor and 16Gb RAM (which you probably wouldn't need.) The Air probably has similar speeds compared to the MBP with retina display 13 in, because the Air has the new Haswell processors. The Air is also very portable

    • Answered by Mark B from Golden
    • Jul 18, 2013