What is needed to use my iMac (late 2012) as a TV via DirecTV (Sattelite)? Don't need DVR services, just to watch DirecTV programming on iMac.

We are switching our home DirecTv service from whole home HD DRV service to Genie HD service. I am getting an extra genie mini to use in my office so I can connect it to my iMac (late 2012) to watch tv. I'm not sure what other hardware is needed to make the connection.

From Google Searching, I have seen people recommend ElGato, eyeTV, slingmedia....
I'm just not sure which will work best for my needs.

I don't need the DVR services on my imac - just want to be able to tune in a live show on local channels or satellite channels in my office where there is not a tv.

If you have a similar configuration or recommendation on what setup is needed, I would appreciate your comments.

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