What is new in the October 2013 Macbook Pro?

Im looking to buy a refurbished 15" Macbook Pro with retina display and there are a few for sale that I like. One is the October 2013 edition, 2.0ghz for $2119 but then there was one that was from February 2013 that had a 2.8ghz processor for $2250. I'm mainly getting this for school, and surfing the web, netflix, and maybe, MAYBE I might want to mess around with Photoshop a little. Which one do you recommend?

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    In my opinion, the Late 2013 (also October 2013) MacBook Pro isn't all that different from the Early 2013 MacBook Pro. The Late 2013 is a LITTLE bit thinner and a LITTLE bit lighter, but that's only .04 inches thinner (about the thickness of a credit card) and .11 pounds lighter (about nine quarters). The Late 2013 has a fourth generation Intel i5 or i7 Haswell chip, which the early 2013 has a third generation Intel i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge chip. The Haswell chips are a little bit more powerful and energy efficient than the older Ivy Bridge chips, but again, not by bunch. a 2.0ghz Haswell chip is about equal to a 2.2 ghz Ivy Bridge chip. The late 2013 Pro also has Thunderbolt 2, while the early 2013 Pro only has Thunderbolt, but there are very few things on the market that support the first Thunderbolt, let alone Thunderbolt 2.

    TL:DR, the late 2013 MacBook Pro is definitely better than the early 2013 MacBook Pro in most ways, but only by a very small amount.

    For what you would use the computer for, I personally wouldn't recommend either of those computers. They're built to be used for video/ photo editing, 3d rendering, etc. You'd be paying for a lot of things that probably wouldn't be used. You might be happier with a 13" MacBook Air. The Air has an amazing 12 hour battery life and is still really powerful. Surfing the web, netflix, and writing documents use very little power at all. The Air can even do light photo editing and gaming.

    If you're dead-set on getting one of the two 15" MacBook Pro's you listed, then for me the decision would come down to what kind of storage they have. If the early 2013 Pro has flash storage (SSD) then I would go with that one. If the early 2013 Pro has a 500GB or 1TB hard drive then I would go with the late 2013 Pro. All the late 2013 Pro's use flash storage. Having an SSD or flash storage makes the computer way faster than another computer with a hard drive.

    Hope that was the info you were looking for!

    • Answered by Nathaniel B from San Diego
    • May 17, 2014