What is the best iMac keyboard for someone who is partially disabled with Parkinsons?

My father-in-law is an avid computer fan, who is now looking at an iMac 27 (after 15 years his old PC is now inoperable). He has some difficulty, however, with keyboard keys which are too small or too flat or recessed into the assembly.

Which wireless extended keyboard would you recommend for him?

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    I feel your pain. The logitech K811 wireless keyboard is a definite possibility. I use it in my lap. There is a sharp edge that allows you to place your thumbs on the lower edge. Even the slightest foreward pressure stabilises the hand and with a little practice you will be " thumb skating". ALSO this keyboard can work with Iphone and Ipad, They use the first 3 F keys to select which device are connected to. This means you can text from your recliner. And if you travel, take it with you, it's small, light, and a charge lasts a week plus. It is illuminated with proximity sensing backlit keys, adjustable Check it out, I think it will put a smile on your face. I know it put a smile on mine being able to help.

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    • Answered by Steve B from Dallas
    • Nov 4, 2013