What is the best Mac for a dyslexic 14 year old boy? I am told Mac Air.

My son is almost t4 years old and in the 8th grade. I am told that a MAC Air is a great option for a dyslexic and that there are applications that I can down load that will assist him with school etc... Can anyone advise me before I make a purchase?

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  • Hi Gavin -

    I have a son about the same age. I have had a number of MacBooks, including Pro and Air, over the years. My wife currently has a 13 inch MB Air and loves it, while I'm on the 15" MBP. We are in the same boat, debating which MacBook to get our son, or whether a ChromeBook would be enough for his needs. After some research, I am leaning toward the MacBook Air 13". I cannot recommend the 11" - the screen is very small, especially if you use applications that have a lot of space up top for ribbons and menus and whatnot, such as MS Word/PPT/Excel. The 11" is just too small.

    If you can afford it and you're already an Apple household, the Air is a great choice for a kid. Super light, amazing screen, terrific battery life, and a durable machine -- the SSD drive will handle rough treatment better than a traditional hard disk drive with platters and heads, and the all-aluminum chassis is tougher than many of the non-Apple machines I looked at.

    I would, however, recommend SquareTrade or a comparable aftermarket warranty provider - you can get better coverage (including drops and spills, the two biggest killers of laptops) for less money than Apple offers. Also consider a durable protective shell for the machine - I started using one on my latest MacBook Pro and I'm happy that I did. Think the one I have is from Speck, if I recall correctly. It's all covered in stickers and whatnot now so I can't read the label anymore.

    good luck - hope this was helpful.

    • Answered by Randall H from Southington
    • Jan 2, 2014