What is the best macbook pro for business use 13 " vs 15 " upgrading from windows laptop

OK. Advise and opinion would be greatly appreciated.

My windows laptop is about to die and I am seriously considering stumping up the cash for a Macbook pro retina. I was thinking of using Parallels desktop for mac as My wife and I run our own small business and my current windows 15 " laptop has a lots of programme on which I would need to continue to use, but don't want to go through the hassle of buying new software etc.

My current laptop is mainly used for word, excel, email and very heavy browsing. We also run our own database for our business via filemaker software (which does slow my current laptop down a great deal) so it would need to cope with this as well as financial software. The majority of our documents and pictures are stored on dropbox and external hard drives. The laptop will be mainly used in our home office but will be regularly moved around the house and occasionally used out on site (when the iPAD won't do) I have very limited budget so I was wondering what advise regular MacBook users would give with regards to the spec and also the size. Would a 13 " be OK for my needs. My main concern is typing as I do have "sausage fingers" and struggle with smaller keyboards and no room for my hands to rest, but am struggling to justify the cost for the larger 15". I was thinking of the 13 " 8GB 1600MHz memory 256GB PCIe-based flash storage.

Any advise is appreciated.


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    What size screen are u used too? Any way, for portability, the smaller screen is much better. You can always plug into a second display, HDTV, apple monitor, any PC monitor via DVI, HDMI, thunderbolt, VGA, make sure u have all the adaptors and cables you need.

    • Answered by Philip R
    • Jan 14, 2014