What is the best version for me to get for a MacBook Pro if I am an art student and will need to work with latest CS suite?

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    If you mean what version of a MacBook Pro, then you should look into a 15" or 17" MacBook Pro. As they are nice and portable yet offer a lot of screen, they are the perfect choice for art. If you purchase a 17", then you are set. However, if you want a 15 inch MacBook Pro, then consider a hi-resolution display. 36% more pixels means a lot when doing art.

    However, if you want a computer that is very portable, ultraflexible, and fast at the same time, consider the high-end 13 inch MacBook Pro.

    If you will be using CS5 then I strongly recommend spending the $200 premium and getting 8 gigabytes of RAM. Your computer and you will be able to feel the difference.

    Cheers, and hope this helps,

    SS from Americus

    • Answered by Sahir S from Americus
    • Mar 4, 2011