What is the best way to backup the data on your Mac?

I want to back up my files but don't know what is the best way. I understand there is Time Machine - but is that the only way to back up?. I am assuming there are four options to back up:

1. Save Time Machine to hard drive on computer
2. Save Time Machine to an external hard drive
3. Airport Time Capsule
4. Cloud?

What is the best option overall (easiest, safest, reliable and fast? I am assuming it would be hard to backup huge amounts of data in the cloud?


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    Weather you back up to a time capsule or other drive is up to you. The time capsule will take a long time to back up the first time, but otherwise, the speed won't really matter, because it does it in the background. With the time capsule, you don't need to connect it to your Mac (helps for MacBooks). I would reccomend time machine over the cloud any day

    • Answered by Mark B from Golden
    • Sep 3, 2013
  • We use Time Machine 3Tb in a Recording Studio for live recordings of Musician original material. So having our Macs backup (BU) 'On the Fly', very helpful (and important for us)

    As mentioned by another, the first time you run a back up with Time Machine, it take a while. (About 1 1/2 Tbs, about 4-5 hours via Wi-Fi) 2 MacBook Pro, approx. 100Gb each, less than an hour. All iPads and iPhones, we let backup to iCloud and 2 PC LapTops are BUd also (by way of a Norton 360 App)

    After the initial BUs, all items Sync automatically (based on your custom settings) and with the exception of the 2 PCs, you would never know it was being done.

    Before Time Capsule, every time a BU is done, the Comp performance was affected. Now, with the exception of the initial BU, it syncs in the background 'On the Fly'.

    That's great for us, and may make a difference for you also

    Good luck!


    • Answered by Christopher P from Stuart
    • Oct 4, 2013