What is the big difference between the screen resolution of the new macbook pro 13inches to the Macbook Air 13 inches???

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    The 13' Macbook Pro has a native resolution of 1280x800. The MacBook Air 13' has a higher resolution- 1344 x 756. This basically means that you have more 'space' on the Air.

    • Answered by Jorge L from San Francisco
    • Apr 24, 2011
  • The 13 inch Macbook pro has a resolution of 1280 x 800 while the 13 inch Macbook air has a higher resolution 1440 x 900 display. As a result, images and text on the air will appear slightly clearer and less pixelated than on the pro. In my experience, the air's display also seemed less reflective than the one on the pro.

    • Answered by Logan O from Mcmurray
    • Aug 23, 2012