what is the difference between memory and flash storage on a macbook pro with retina display

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    OK, the memory of MacBook Pro is the system memory which the computer analysis's information in like gaming and high performance movie editing and lots of windows open at once. The memory of the machine comes in with a 4GB= light working normal browsing and light use, 8GB= Lots of windows open, light gaming and light use of video editing but perfect for a working lifestyle and will set up for at least 5-6 years before the machine gets slow, 16Gb= lots of gaming lots of video editing and very fast performance on the MacBook. The flash storage point of it is where everything is stored like when you save a document it saves on to the flash drive and movies save onto the flash drive. So if you save a lot of movies and documents and photos you should get at least the 256GB flash drive option or if you save a lot of documents, movies, music, phone backup and what not reach for the 512GB flash drive option. Flash drive means a faster loading hard drive like if yo save stuff on a usb a lot it uploads faster not the flash storage.

    • Answered by Brighton K from Southport
    • Dec 7, 2013