what is the different between mac book pro and mac book Air and which of them have CD player and what are the prices?

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    The MacBook Pro 13 inch mid-2012 model (still sold as of this post) has an optical (cd/dvd) drive. I have one. It's a bit heavy for its size, but overall delivers enough performance for what I need. The newer models of MacBook Pros have no optical drive and have retina displays. The MacBook Airs are cheaper and have no optical drive, either, but are more for a person who needs just a laptop for web browsing, emails, word processing, etc. For value, the Pros are better with amount of storage, graphics, and other elements. Also, base models include a bit more. In short: the Airs are cheaper and lighter, but the Pros have better performance, possibly a cd drive, and better screens.

    • Answered by John A from Houston
    • Mar 6, 2014