what is the flash memory on the MacBook Air??

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    Flash memory is what is used in the solid state storage device (SSD). There usually is 128 gigabytes or 256 gigabytes of flash memory. This is in contrast to the 2 gigabytes or 4 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM).

    When you turn off the power to the MacBook Air, the data stored in flash memory of the SSD remains just like a hard disk drive. Date in the RAM is lost when power is turned off so the computer may store data in the RAM into the SSD before turning off during a shut down process.

    Other Apple computers have a single chip of flash memory, referred to as a PRAM, that stores some information that is not lost when power is turned off. In other cases, a small battery was supplied on an Apple motherboard as backup power to keep a chip powered on when the power was turned off.

    • Answered by Bill A from Mission Viejo
    • Jun 6, 2012
  • It is pretty much SSD

    • Answered by Wan K from Bellevue
    • May 29, 2014