What is the least expensive version or options on Mac Book Pro to get started working with Pro Tools 9? Like to find a solution with room to upgrade

Doing VO work only. No multi track use...for now.

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  • Get a Mac Book Pro 13 Core i5 with 4G that can upgrade to 8G. This will get you started. Get a 2 channel audio/Midi interface that you can afford. Next 4 upgrades:
    + Upgrade to 8 G Ram from Crucial
    + Upgrade to a decent (named brand) fire wire 1 to 2 TeraByte Drive
    + Upgrade to a better Audio/Midi A/D firewire adapter
    + Get a PC (named brand Flat Screen Monitor i.e. SamSung)

    The great thing about a Computer Music set-up it can scale and grow. Then descale because later you will want a small portable set-up that you can travel with.

    Happy Music Making...

    • Answered by Joe F from Greensboro
    • Jan 12, 2012