What is the sound quality with the new MacBook Pro Retina receiving, storing and playing hi-res sound files?

Until Apple releases the new desktop (Mac Pro and Mac Mini) replacements for more permanent use in my main home Theater, I plan to buy the new MacBook Pro 15" Retina to use temporarily, replace it with one of the new desktops and use the 15" as my moveable main personal computer. For my wife, I already have a 17" MacBook Pro (2 months pre-Thunderbolt) and I use an iPad 2 for a lot of my needs/wants.
There is much info published about Retina, HDMI to receiver, enhanced Thunderbolt, USB 3.0 ports and other great features.
But, I can't find detailed info on high-resolution sound quality played from the new 15" Retina unit through a DAC to the amp/speakers. Can you help with some higher-end references?
Thank you! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I got the MBP with retina, and can say a few things by now.

    First....the sound is excellent. What is excellent? It is very high definition, excellent stereo separation, a pleasure to listen to music, films, giving a filigran picture. It does not come with bass, but what do you expect. We must remain realistic, because some laws of physics can not be overcome. So, is the sound good? It is astounding, but with little bass. In many cases we don't need the pounding. For those moments it is surprisingly good. I did not go testing. The sound quality hit me when I played some songs the first time. That good it is.

    Second....the screen....all is said 1000x over.

    Third....heat....I read it was a scorcher. I have it sometimes on my body, and it is less hot than my previous MPB (late 2008), no doubt about it. I once did a stress test taxing the CPU and graphics to the max, and it rapidly increased in temp. But for normal use, other than maybe top gaming (I never do) it gets only warm, never hot.

    Fourth....noise...I do not hear it. Only, under the mentioned stress test did I hear the fans clearly the first time. No wonder, of course. But remember, no HDD to make a continuous whirring noise?

    All in all....a marvel....but pricey. We still can't have it all in one computer, and never will, probably.

    • Answered by Hans Juerg K from Pointe-claire
    • Aug 25, 2012