What kind of monitors are availabe for a Mac Pro?

I currently have a Dell desktop. When you buy one of their desktop computers you can go through options for the type of monitor you want to buy with computer. I only see one option which is the 27" cinema display that's a $1,000 all by itself. Is this really the only option available to pair with a Mac Pro?

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    You can use any monitor with a Mac Pro.

    It has a couple (I think) of Mini Display Ports. You can buy a VGA, DVI or HDMI adapter for the mini display port so if you don't want to buy the one on the Mac Store just buy a monitor that you like from any shop and as long as you have the correct adapter it will work with no problems.

    • Answered by Oliver F
    • Jan 16, 2012
  • With the proper adapter, you might not even need to buy a new monitor right away, or at all—you may be able to use your current monitor. That is what I am considering doing if I upgrade my Mac G4 (though given its age that may not be possible [I have a Samsung monitor from about 2004]).

    • Answered by Sally G
    • Jun 12, 2012