What mac is best for a college student

I am starting college in the fall and kinda need a new laptop. Majoring in Culinary Arts. Thinking a Mac Air 11 in. would be my best option. Would be using it to help with school (notes etc)

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  • I disagree with taking an air 11 inch to college. If you want a lightweight computer, then at least take an Air 13". I have an Air 13" (2012) and although I am a school student, I find this computer convenient for me to do my work.

    You are going to an art school, so it depends on what you are doing there.

    - If you are painting by hand and using your computer just for documenting, then an Air 13" is better.
    - If you are doing advanced photoshop editing, then the Pro with Retina Display 13" is better.

    The rest is up to you to decide

    • Answered by Amartya M from Tokyo
    • Oct 31, 2013