What Mac should I buy?

I am a first time laptop buyer. I know I want a Macbook. I was leaning more towards a Macbook Pro but I'm still not sure. I will be using it for school mostly but also; music, photos, movies, and one game. So I'm wondering if I should just get a regular Mac instead.

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    Here's the mac quiz to see wich Mac you are!

    Q.1 - what would you use your Mac for

    a. Surfing the web and checking email

    B. using the web a lot and downloading a lot of files and working on it a lot

    C. Hardcore movie and photo editing

    Q.2 - who are you?

    A. I travel a lot or a student and want somthing light

    B. I am a buisiness man always on the go and want somthing portable yet compacted

    C. I use my Mac a lot at home for big downloads or film design or lots of document work and have a lot of programs open and running

    Q.3 - how often do you use your Mac

    A. Half an hour to an hour

    B. over/around 3 hours

    C. A lot/most of the time in my day


    Mostly a = MacBook Air
    Mostly b= MacBook Pro / retina
    Mostly c= imac

    Hope this helped you! Have a good day!

    • Answered by Louis E
    • Nov 10, 2012
  • You would do well with a base 13 inch MacBook Pro, upgraded to a 500GB hard drive if you have a lot of material. That should be a perfect fit.

    • Answered by Benjamin W from Milford
    • Jun 17, 2011
  • well if you have a little spare money go for the macbook pro because it is much more faster and better, but if you cant go for the regular macbook because is much more cheaper and still fast laptop hope this helped

    • Answered by Carol M
    • Jul 28, 2011