What macbook best fits a (working) college student with diverse needs?

I have a 21.5" iMac that I bought in 2010 and a 16GB iPad 2. I am moving out of state to college in a major city, and will be attending classes and living downtown in a dorm.

I keep hearing how 13" are the best size for college students, as they are lightweight and basic. However, I have been earning a side income from photography (where I use photoshop & lightroom), and I would like to continue that in the new city. I'm also musician and songwriter, so it's very important I can run Logic (or garageband at the very least). I post videos for the music and do light video editing through iMovie (eventually I'd like to upgrade to final cut). I'd be using it for basic word processing as well.

One idea is that I can take my iMac and use my iPad for class with a keyboard since it's incredibly lightweight. Which I'm not sure how safe it is in a dorm. The downside of this, however, is that I like performing online concerts and a laptop would allow me to broadcast live shows around the city.

The 13" looks too small to me. Would a 15" be okay for photo editing? I'm so used to the 21.5" screen. Thought of maybe getting a 17" refurbished macbook as well. I can imagine that would be huge.

I'm a petite female so weight of the laptop is an issue, as anything heavy will be hard to carry around downtown and on public transportation.

Any suggestions?

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  • The MacBook pro 15 inch with retina display will be perfect for you Because it is very Lite Mac it is almost the weight of a MacBook Air and it as retina display i hope this Answer Worked for you

    • Answered by Linds A from Alymer
    • Nov 3, 2012