What Macbook is best for me?

I'm in 10th grade and I've been having some laptop issues for a while. Early last school year my laptop's monitor had died and it would've costed more to fix than to buy a new one, so it was decided that my laptop was going to be replaced, but my mom said that she'd get me a laptop from her work. This was late August/early September. Around mid-February, Valentines Day I think, she finally had gotten me a laptop from her work. It was wiped because of the sensitive information that was on it, she works at an insurance/financial aid company, and so I don't have Word or PowerPoint which are necessities for a student and it's pretty old and slow. Since it was more towards the end of the year, it wasn't such a big deal and I found ways around my problem, like a friend letting me use their laptop whenever I had a paper or presentation due in class. Now I'm in 10th grade and I'm using Word almost every single day, no joke, and it's been a pretty big hassle doing assignments and getting stuff done. I'm really only going to be working at home so battery life and weight shouldn't be too much of a problem because it'll be plugged in whenever I need it and I won't be lugging it from home to school because that wouldn't be such a good idea. I'd love to have something that'll get me through the rest of high school and possibly even college and just for normal browsing the internet, music and stuff of that nature. I know this would be an investment so I wouldn't mind waiting a little longer to save for something that would better suit my needs than to just buy the cheapest laptop and get on with my day. Advice would be much appreciated!

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    How much storage do you need? I would look at the MacBook Pro . I have the MacBook Pro retina and I love it I don't know how much of a budget you are on and those come with SSD drives and you cannot upgrade the storage later and it can get expensive. Any mac you chose you will love. You can get the Regular MacBook Pro with the hard drives for a real good prices and they have 500GB and more. Good luck. I think after you do more research on Macs I could help you more. There is the Mac mini and the iMac. Good luck you will love your new Mac.

    • Answered by Rhonda S from Little Rock
    • Sep 5, 2013