What macbook is the best for school?

Hi Everyone. I am considering buying an apple laptop for high school , but I'm not sure weather to buy the macbook air or pro. I"ll mainly be using it for internet use, word documents, music, some photo editing and may be downloading some educational apps. Im not extremely fussed by battery but i want to be able to use it throughout the day without charging. Also i need to be able to get it to and from school, so weight has a factor. I also need to know what size and whats the best value.

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    MacAir will be the best solution in this case. Since you are going to use it for word processes, photos and music. I guess would better to get 13" instead 11". You can go to apple store and look to that model more detail, try it on store and select.

    • Answered by Dmitry V from Berkeley
    • Jan 20, 2014