What programs are used for art like how Windows has Paint program? Any of them under $100-150?

I am an artsit. I heard Macs were good for art. But what program is made for Macs that is like Paint? Or is it only Photoshop....
I mean I don't mind paying for it, but never have used it.
Thanks. I am intending on getting a MacBook Pro through a student loan later next month. If the loan gives me enough that is...

Thanks everyone. >.<

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  • I am not quite sure as to how I should answer this. I am not aware that Macs have that type of software. One thing I am sure of: If you want real up to date answers to your questions you could opt to make Apple a visit at one of their stores; the team there is well prepared to assist you. If they do not have the answer, they will steer in the right direction.

    • Answered by Fermin G from Bronx
    • Apr 18, 2013