what type of mac should I get?

Hi I’m currently a student about to graduate from Graphic arts and I’ve been thinking about getting an imac for home but I’m not sure, I’m mostly use it to make ads, billboards signs, invitations, editing photography, posters, signs, and you tube, fb, google, streaming, I’m not sure if I should get a laptop, sometimes I have to show my clients, my work. And it would be easy to take it to school and just work over there, Although we do have macs at school, I’m clumsy and I’ve broken many lap tops that’s why I want to get an imac to leave it at home safe and work from home, please let me know of your recommendations
Thank you in advanced!

1 Answer from the Community

  • Id definitely say 27 inch iMac Retina Display if you have the extra G to spend, that level of computer will be able to do everything you could possibly need for a good long time. Everything on the cloud now so just use that to do the work on and take your laptop if the need arrises. You could defiantly benefit from the power running photoshop and other like programs, you wont regret this great computer. You don’t have the huge choice options for desktops, I mean the Mac Pro is way over kill in my book unless your a huge video editor the huge cost of this is specifically for studios for that jump in processor power.

    • Answered by Kyle P from Bainbridge Island
    • Dec 2, 2014