whats better 13" macbook pro with retina display or 15" macbook pro with retina display

im having a hard time because there technically the same but i was comparing these products and they have a lot of a difference

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    the 13 inch model is very nice looking and portable with high powered i5 2.5ghz processor but if you are going to play some hardcore games like black ops ,the 13 inch wont be right for you because it has only an integrated intel hd 4000 graphics chip which has a lot of power but not for hardcore games .the 15 inch has the latest nvidia geforce gt 650 m with 1 gb of video memory .This graphics chip is very powerful for hardcore games,black ops and real racing 2 will run super Smooothly.The 15 inch also has a super power core i7 2.4 or 2.7 ghz processor which is very good for professional apps.But it starts at $2199 ,so be ready to spends some extra bucks .I have the 13 inch retina ,it works really fast.Safari is super fast and smooth.I also bought black ops in my mac ,it has reasonable graphics performance .Personally ,i would recommend the 13 inch for moderate gaming and performance .

    • Answered by Kavitha K from Dubai
    • Apr 10, 2013