Which anti virus software is best for a mac ... if you download a PC file with a virus?

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    The mac is not affected, but Windows is/will be. Here's a question to ask yourself: Why am I using the Internet if I have a MAC which, as of present day, does not get virus'?
    But fear not, there is another option: you can get Norton's (for PC) and install it in Windows. I also believe that you can uninstall Windows and Parallels and start over. I used to know the proper procedure to "turn back the clock" on a pc, but I've been a using an iMac for so long I don't remember.
    For using the internet, I'd rather just use Safari or Firefox and not catch a cold.

    Hope this helps. Cheers!

    • Answered by Jason C from Holbrook
    • Jul 31, 2011